We Endeavor To Amalgamate The Ancient Values Of Uttermost Dedication And Responsibility That Gave Teaching A Very Pious And Sacred Status, With Latest Teaching Methodologies So As To Make The Act Of Learning, A Delectable Experience. The Arduous Task Is Accomplished By A Team Of Diligent Academicians And Entrepreneurs, Who With The Years Of Experience Have Mastered The
Techniques To Transform Even The Most Abstruse Topics Easy To Comprehend Great Emphasis Is Laid On The Concepts And Fundamentals With A Smooth And Systematic Transition To The Advanced Levels Of Teaching. The Interaction Between Students And Teachers Is Always Encouraged So As To Provide A Very Healthy Environment For Growth And Learning. During The Process Of Training The
Students For JEE MAINS-ADVANCE/NEET-UG Entrance Examinations, Great Emphasis Is Laid On The Fundamentals So As To Excel In The CBSE Examination Also. Illustrious Faculty And Excellent Teaching Techniques Provide You Will An Infallible Approach To Success Only At LIFI LEARNING.

Our Vision

Generating Excellence In Academy,Exploring Creative Areas Of The Dormant Self,Nurturing Talent & Aptitude And Including Perseverance Among The Students To Keep Themeselves Abreast Of The Latest Developments In Thefield Of Competitive Examinations.

Our Mission

Generating Excellence Both In Academy And Competitive Aspects Thereby Training The Youth For Most Grueling Entrance Level Exams JEE MAINS-ADVANCE/NEET-UG Entrance.

Our Objective

Striving For The Best Possible Education To Ambitious Students Aspiring To Join Corporate World As Medical Professional.